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How to choose the size of safety shoes?

Jun 12, 2019
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The shoe codes circulating in the market are rather messy. The more reliable method is to try to wear suitable safety shoes. Try to wear comfort, the toe cap of the toe does not produce squeezing and kicking on the foot, the toe can move flexibly, there is no feeling of sliding forward or backward, and the heel of the shoe does not feel off the shoes when walking. The so-called fit, mainly refers to: the size of the shoe is consistent with the foot, not too big or too small; the toe can move freely in the shoe; the waist support of the shoe firmly fits the arch; the heel of the shoe is stable.

Even if you choose a safety shoe by trying on it, the basics of its choice cannot be neglected. There are mainly the following aspects.

The front edge of the safety shoe has a certain margin, especially the safety shoes, because the front has a hard steel head, when wearing it, pay attention to the toe has enough margin. Usually, if you stand for a long time, then the toes should have more room for movement. Otherwise, the toes will be in a state of being squeezed for a long time. After a long time, the feet will cause great damage! Many people choose safety shoes when they choose safety shoes. They are bigger than the usual fashion shoes. This is because safety shoes are increased according to national requirements when they are made. In fact, we usually wear large size shoes. Just buy a size of safety shoes.

Different types of safety shoes have different fat and thin requirements. The fatness of the foot is expressed by the width of the sole of the foot and the circumference of the toe. The fatness of the shoe is determined by the size of the inner space of the shoe cavity. It depends on the length of the toe and the width of the bottom of the shoe. The manufacturer chooses the decision. Consumers can only choose according to the try-on effect.