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How to clean leather sneakers shoes?

Mar 14, 2019
Men's leather sneakers shoes.jpg1. Use a clean soft cloth to gently wipe the upper surface of the leather sneakers shoes to remove dirt.

2. Apply a proper amount of leather care ointment evenly on the upper surface of the leather sneakers shoes. Just apply a thin layer. Do not overdo the amount, or use a cloth to remove excess ointment. The leather surface is polished.

3. If the stain is stubborn, first wet the stained part, then use leather shoes to clean the dirt and soft brush to remove the dirt, then dry it with cloth or thick paper towel to stabilize the shoe type. Naturally air dry, avoid direct sunlight, then use step 2 to care for upper leather.

4. Basically avoid cleaning the insole as much as possible. If there is any odor, take out the insole and place it in the air circulation to dry it, or even use shoes to remove the odor.

5 If the situation is bad, the insole can be rinsed under the faucet and lightly wiped with a soft brush. Do not use any cleaning, otherwise the surface layer may fall off.