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How to know air cushion shoes?

Oct 09, 2018
Mens Air Cushion Shoes

The air cushion in the mens air cushioned shoes is placed inside the shoe, whether it is in the forefoot or the back palm. With your feet, your soft and hard feeling comes from the insole. The soft part is the insole or the cushioning glue. The air cushion is not visible in the midsole. There are many places where the air cushion is placed. Generally, the appearance can be seen. (even if it is built-in, you can see the appearance. Because there is an air cushion inside, the external structure is different. The air cushion is placed in the midsole. Because the human foot and the air cushion are separated by a very thick distance, the feeling of the foot is naturally not obvious, but the effect of cushioning is there, and the feeling of the foot is also compared when exercising. Obvious. The most obvious foot movement in the three air cushions is the zoom air sole shoes . There are several air storage cavities that can form an air cushion between the upper part of the sole and the lower part of the sole, which are characterized by the air storage chamber and the air intake provided on the shoe. The air channel and the air outlet channel constitute a venting device, wherein the air inlet channel is vertically disposed at the rear end of the shoe, and communicates with the gas storage chamber from top to bottom, and the air inlet channel can be provided with a plurality of air inlets at the upper side and the air outlet. The track is disposed laterally on the upper part of the sole, and the upper and lower sides are respectively communicated with the inner portion of the shoe and the air storage chamber, and the air outlet holes may be arranged in a plurality of rows, respectively arranged at the front and rear ends of the upper part of the sole, and one end of the hole is provided with an openable and coverable cover piece.