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How to maintain safety shoes?

Nov 30, 2018
Mes Safety Shoes Steel Toe.jpgSafety shoes need to be properly used and maintained to ensure that they are effective and maintain the health of the user's feet. Therefore, the following matters should be paid more attention.

First, clean the safety shoes regularly, and the important thing to note is not to use solvents as detergents. Secondly, the soles are often cleaned to avoid accumulation of dirt, especially insulated safety shoes. The electrical conductivity or anti-static performance of the soles may be affected by the dirt on the soles and even life-threatening.

Again, don't arbitrarily modify the construction of the safety shoes. Because the construction of regular safety shoes is designed by the designer to protect personal safety, random modifications may affect the safety index of safety shoes.

Finally, store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area when not using safety shoes. Safety shoes are tools for people to protect their personal safety. They must be carefully implemented in terms of use and maintenance.