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What are the characteristics of sports shoes?

Dec 07, 2018

What are the characteristics of sports shoes?


All black sports shoes.jpgThe color of a sports shoes is determined by the light reflected by the material itself. The sports shoes’ design uses the color of the unfair to reflect the design style, design trends, but also make the movement's forward-looking and entertaining greatly improved, while reflecting the sport's lively, dynamic and bright features.

The use of color on the sports shoes: the color of the outsole of leather shoes and rubber shoes is mostly monochrome or two-color, and the outsole of sports shoes is 3-5 colors. The choice of color is large, and the brightness and purity of the color are high. Color matching is not limited too much, it can be pure color, but also a variety of color combinations, especially some colors that are difficult to see in leather shoes and rubber shoes. It is frequently used in sports shoes, especially eye-catching, making it full. Vitality and vitality.

Sports shoes are products full of sports characteristics, and sports is the goal pursued by human life, so this product has the characteristics of receiving and encouraging people to exercise. General sports shoes are very focused on the flexibility of the product and advertising colors, highlighting the characteristics of sports shoes and the sense of the times, in order to stimulate consumers' desire to buy.