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What are the characteristics of sports shoes?

Dec 27, 2018
Lightweight Hiking Shoes.jpgSports shoes are shoes that are designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of people participating in sports or tourism. The soles of sneakers are different from ordinary leather shoes and rubber shoes. They are generally soft and elastic, and can play a certain buffering effect. It can increase elasticity during exercise, and it can prevent ankle injury. Therefore, when doing sports, you should wear sneakers, especially high-intensity physical exercises, such as basketball and running.

The line features of sneakers are: complex lines and various forms. There are single-line, double-line, false-line, open-line, dotted line, contour line, ridge line, seam line, decorative line, etc., which can be used on one pair of shoes at the same time, not limited to one. Mostly in the arc, the proportion of the line is small.

The color of a sneaker is determined by the light reflected by the material itself. The sneaker design uses the color of the unfair to reflect the design style, design trends, but also make the movement's forward-looking and entertaining greatly improved, while reflecting the sport's lively, dynamic and bright features. Compared with leather shoes and rubber shoes, the color of sports shoes has the characteristics of large color application, wide range, complex color matching and rich visual experience.