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What are the characteristics of sports shoes?

Nov 11, 2019

Line aspect

The line features of sneakers are: complex lines and diverse forms. There are single thread, double thread, false thread, bright line, dotted line, contour line, ridge line, seam line, decorative line, etc., which can be used on one pair of shoes at the same time, not limited to one kind. Mostly in the arc, the proportion of the line is small.


The color of a sneaker is determined by the light reflected by the material itself. Sneaker design

The use of color incompatibility reflects the design style, design trends, and can greatly enhance the sport's forward-looking and entertaining, while reflecting the sport's lively, dynamic and bright features.

Compared with leather shoes and rubber shoes, the color of sports shoes has the characteristics of large color application, wide range, complex color matching and rich visual experience, mainly in the following aspects:

(1) The use of color in sports upper material: The color of sports upper material is more comfortable, richer and more diversified than leather shoes. Decorative colors include not only common colors, but also metal, laser, and flash.

(2) The use of color on the soles of sports: the color of the outsole of leather shoes and rubber shoes is mostly monochrome or two-color, and the outsole of sports shoes is 3-5 colors. The range of colors is large, and the brightness and purity of the color are high. Color matching is not limited too much, it can be pure color, but also a variety of color combinations, especially some colors that are difficult to see in leather shoes and rubber shoes. It is frequently used in sports shoes, especially eye-catching, making it full. Vitality and vitality.

(3) The use of sports shoes packaging and publicity: sports shoes are products full of sports characteristics, and sports itself is the goal pursued by human life, so this product has the characteristics of receiving and encouraging people to exercise. General sports shoes are very focused on the flexibility of the product and advertising colors, highlighting the characteristics of sports shoes and the sense of the times, in order to stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

(4) Another manifestation of the color characteristics of sports shoes is closely related to the fashion trend of clothing combined with sports shoes to closely watch the changes in fashion trends, and is greatly influenced by the fashion color. As a designer and producer of sports shoes, it is necessary to pay attention to the trend of fashion fabrics.

Decorative aspect

In sports shoes, patterns, characters, logos, metal and plastic parts can be used as decorative materials; decorative parts are relatively free; decorative effects are more conspicuous; decorative is characterized by dynamic, fashionable and colorful; decorative parts are beautiful Development in combination with function.

Outsole modeling

Compared with leather shoes and rubber shoes, the outsole pattern has delicate two-square continuous, square continuous fine patterns, as well as rough geometric shapes, free patterns, and light base without any traces; both flat and bottom The bottom of the wedge is also covered with a hollow bottom; some of the sports soles have nails and shackles, and some special sports shoes are equipped with functional devices such as pulleys, ice knives and iron frames. Sole outsole is rarely used in the outsole of leather shoes, the use of sports shoes is quite common, and the shape of the wall is numerous.

Shoe last

Compared with the leather shoes, the sneakers have a big difference in the shape change. In order to facilitate the movement of the foot, the front and rear twist of the sports shoe last is small, and the change of the bottom concavity is also small, so that the change of the bottom curve is relatively gentle. In order to improve the ability of the shoe cavity, the sneakers have a large genetic circumference, which makes the squat type full, and the middle and back of the corpus callosum has a larger angle. The sneakers are straighter in the heel of the heel, and the bottom line of the waist is also straight. On the whole, the changes in the sports shoe last focus on the forefoot and the front tip. From the shape of the skull, there are mainly four types: pointed, round, square and square.