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What are the market positioning of casual shoes?

May 22, 2019
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Casual shoes are increasingly becoming an important component of the casual lifestyle. With the increasingly clear leisure winds, more and more shoe companies can't wait to flock to this land of wealth.

Although the initial development of the casual shoes brand is under the banner of the leisure revolution, the capture of technology and leisure trends cannot quickly keep pace with the market. The product design is mediocre, the technology content is not high, and it can't form its own style and personality in a short time. It is difficult to have a competitive advantage in the middle and high-end market.

In addition, the design process is weak, the products are too single and old-fashioned, and the age is the basis of the market segment, rather than the systematic overall planning and division, it does not have high market competitiveness. If the roots are not deep, then the leaves are not strong. Without high-quality products, without a unique brand positioning, it is difficult to form a solid market foundation, and consumer appreciation and affirmation are even more difficult to talk about.