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What is breathable hiking shoes?

Sep 29, 2018

Hiking boots are specially designed for mountain climbing and travel, and are ideal for outdoor sports. Waterproofness is the primary function of modern hiking shoes, and its waterproof and breathable nature is unmatched by ordinary sports shoes.


Early lightweight hiking shoes are leather products, and the shoe-making technology has been reformed. Lightweight hiking shoes and plastic shoes have been added to the mountaineering. Although leather shoes are still the preferred choice for climbers, the shoes must be hard enough to resist rock. The scratching, hardness can kick the snow out of the steps, the migration can be quite comfortable. During the walking process, you may encounter upstream, mud, swarf, fallen wood, hard snow and steep rock walls. It is very important to choose suitable hiking shoes.


The lightweight waterproof hiking boots opening must have enough space to be easy to put on and off even in wet or snowy terrain. The tongue must be sufficiently waterproof to invade. The stitching distance should be narrow to avoid water intrusion. The toe and heel are protected by 2 or 3 layers of leather or fabric. The front end of the toe is hard and does not cause the toe to be injured by pressing or kicking hard ice and snow. The heel is harder to increase the stability of the foot during the march, and the foothill can only step out of the foothold during the snowy period. The use of hiking shoes is balanced with the choices, supporting the body, the cushioning ability of the cushions, the hard sole, the water resistance, the suitable weight of the shoes, and the light roads such as the lightweight shoes that are suitable for walking on the traditional route, instead of the traditional route. In the woods or rock climbing, you need to choose harder shoes. In general, lightweight shoes can not provide enough smoothness to carry heavy backpacks, while walking on difficult terrain, you need to protect your ankles, heels and toes. 

Breathable Hiking Shoes