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What is running shoes for men?

Sep 27, 2018

Also known as sneaker, according to biomechanical running shoes can be divided into three categories: Provide shock absorbency, provide stability, and provide motion control. Cushioning shoes, usually with a soft interlayer sole, assist the foot in the movement of uniform stress, to help the foot shock. Shoe body is usually lighter, stability will be relatively poor.


A running shoe that provides stability. The sole usually has a column or an inner layer with uniform force.


Motion-control running shoes, which are usually harder and can reduce or control overpronation of the foot and prevent ankle injuries, are generally heavier than other running shoes.


The first thing you should know about sports shoes for men is their structure:

1. The outsole is the layer at the bottom of the shoe that touches the ground. Wear - resistant, non - slip is the key.

2. Between the midsole, outsole and insole. Elasticity and foot protection are the key. The midsole is also the more technically advanced part of the running shoe.

3. Upper, mainly above the insole, including the entire upper part of the shoe. Breathable, convenient to wear off, beautiful is the key.

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