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What is the history of football shoes?

Jun 26, 2019
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Football shoes are called combat boots under the feet of football stars. Now has become the majority of fans concerned about the results of the game outside the important point. There are many kinds of football shoes, which can be applied to artificial grass, hard field, floor and soft field, etc., and corresponding kinds of football shoes should be selected according to different fields, so as to achieve good results in the competition. Football shoes are very important for the technical play of players' feet on the field, and improper use may lead to injury of players.

Footballers enjoy the stage envied by the stars of other sports, performing like dancers in front of tens of thousands of live audiences and even larger television audiences with their skills and teamwork. The reason why other sports stars envy, because they can not only show their athletic talent, they can also wear beautiful jerseys and shoes and charm. Frequent contact with balls and sneakers makes sneakers an important partner of soccer stars.

First pairs of sneakers recorded data shows the first pair of football shoes was born in 1526, in those days is, of course, no one will be specially prepared for playing football shoes, are able to go down in history, it is because the owner of this pair of shoes is not ordinary people, but the second Tudor's king Henry viii, king of the be fond of and hunting weapons, sports, in April 2009, the history of the tower of London exhibition activities, also exhibited his collection of a football. It was Henry viii's landmark 8 shilling football shoes that started the term football shoe.