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What is the material of football shoes?

Dec 21, 2018
Mens Black Football Boots.jpgFootball shoes are called boots at the foot of football stars. Nowadays, it has become an important point of view for the majority of fans to care about the results of the competition. There are many kinds of football shoes, which can be applied to artificial grass, hard ground, floor and soft ground. It is necessary to choose the corresponding kinds of football shoes according to different venues, so that it is easy to get good results in the competition. The football shoes play the skills of the athletes on the field. It is very important that improper use may result in injury to the player.

The application of man-made fiber in football shoes is to make up for the shortcomings of natural leather. For example, natural leather has good soft touch, but has poor hair; natural leather is easy to deform after actual combat; natural leather is not suitable for rain; natural leather is easy to open, Poor durability; natural leather is not suitable for adding too many patterns, colors, coatings or auxiliary designs on the surface because it is easy to peel off. After years of development, the artificial fiber of soccer shoes can not only make up for the many shortcomings of natural leather, but also can basically simulate all the advantages of natural leather, and it is more durable and the cost of raw materials is lower. The gradual replacement of natural leather by synthetic fibers is a trend in the development of soccer shoes. Of course, man-made fiber fabrics are also divided into different grades, corresponding to different levels of football shoes. We generally call good rayon for microfiber and poor for PU. Last but not least, poor gas permeability is a prominent problem with most man-made fibers.