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What is the origin of air cushion shoes?

Oct 08, 2018

The air-cushion shoe refers to an air storage chamber which can form an air cushion between the upper part of the sole and the lower part of the sole, and the air storage chamber and the air inlet and outlet channels provided on the shoe constitute a ventilation device, wherein the air inlet channel is vertically arranged. At the rear end of the shoe, it communicates with the gas storage chamber from top to bottom, and the air outlet channel is horizontally disposed on the upper part of the sole, and the upper and lower sides are respectively communicated with the gas storage chamber in the shoe.


The main difference between air cushion shoes and ordinary sports shoes is the use of air cushions. An air storage chamber capable of forming an air cushion is arranged between the upper part of the sole and the lower part of the sole, which brings about a cushioning effect. Air cushion shoes are extremely popular in sports. Air cushion sports shoes mainly include the following parts: Laces, upper fabrics, uppers artificial leather, insoles, airbag rubber, sole rubber, sole rubber, air cushion design. Among them, the insole is made of special rebounding force material, which can effectively absorb part of the reaction force, reduce the burden on the foot, and wear more relaxed and comfortable; the role of the airbag glue is to save the air in the air cushion to provide elastic force and reduce the shock during exercise; designed to alleviate the shock caused by ankles and ground impacts during daily walking, as well as additional shock and support.


In the apollo mission to the moon, scientists invented a group of pressure-resistant soft materials that were heated and softened in a mold, and then into the mold, in order to manufacture a complete space jacket with uniform thickness and high pressure resistance. The method of blowing high pressure gas is the "Hollow blow molding" Technology. Later, sneaker manufacturers found that this process can make a complete upper quickly and efficiently, so it is widely used in the manufacture of sports shoes. The current air cushion trainers are all made by the manufacturing process of space suits.

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