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What is the style of casual shoes?

Jan 03, 2019
Canvas Casual Shoes.jpgThe most basic requirement for casual shoes is to be comfortable, light and individual. Therefore, protection and functionality will remain the two main characteristics of casual sports shoes. The design features a combination of retro and trendy, and will be more expansive in style, highlighting the streamlined movement. The style of men's casual shoes is more rational, elegant and generous, and the shape is simple and smooth. Women's casual shoes are comfortable, elegant and solemn, with little change in style.

In terms of style, casual shoes reflect simple lines, floating lines, lyrical and light, but at the same time give people a feeling of ups and downs. In general, it is developing towards simplicity. Simple is the main principle of this winter casual shoes. The development trend of casual shoes is to emphasize comfortable and romantic styles, smooth and uniform vision, mixed use of various materials and structural design that is easy to put on and take off. Men's casual shoes emphasize natural innocence, and sneakers and booties are mainstream styles to suit the needs of outdoor activities. The color will use a large number of primary colors that echo the nature is the main principle of this winter casual shoes. Its development trend is to emphasize comfortable and romantic style, smooth and even vision.

The opposites reflect the tension, and the contradictions are perfected. The two are once again blended and matched, and the simplicity brings elegance. In the fashion stage of casual shoes, a large area of asymmetric pleats and casual canvas burrs make this season even more dazzling.