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What is the type of football shoes?

Oct 10, 2018

The earliest pair of "Soccer shoes" Was born in 1526, when no one would specially prepare football shoes for playing football. The reason why they can be put into history is because the owners of these shoes are not ordinary people, but the british capital. The second king of the dynasty, henry viii, the king likes weapons, sports and hunting.


Soccer boots are called boots at the foot of football stars. Nowadays, it has become an important point of view for the majority of fans to care about the results of the competition. There are many kinds of football shoes, which can be applied to artificial grass, hard ground, floor and soft ground. It is necessary to choose the corresponding kinds of football shoes according to different venues, so that it is easy to get good results in the competition. The mens football trainers play the skills of the athletes on the field. It is very important that improper use may result in injury to the player.


Steel nail soccer shoes, long studs, suitable for soft or very soft surface grass, the average player will use this stud soccer shoes in rainy days.


Spike soccer shoes are the best choice on natural grass. Designers have made special improvements to the long grass soccer shoes for natural grasses, which has led most players to choose long spike soccer shoes on this field. At present, most professional players wear long spike soccer shoes during the competition, which is also the most common. Usually the spiked football shoes have the longest stud length and are suitable for a flat natural grass field, as long as the venue is not particularly wet.


Short spike soccer shoes studs are shorter than the spiked soccer shoes. They are suitable for top-level grass or medium-sized grass. The thickness of rubber and fine sand can bury 2/3 dollar coins vertically.

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