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Why are flat shoes good for health?

Jan 15, 2019

Womens Dress Shoes Flats.jpgShoes and health are everyone's concern, and there are differences in the evaluation of flat shoes. Some people say that flat shoes are not good for health. Because the plantar forces are uneven, it is easy to damage the health of the feet, and it is not shock-proof, it will damage the spine and the brain. Similar statements are often seen in the newspapers. But these are the opinions of laymen. From a professional point of view, there is no possibility of any unhealthy health in flat shoes. No one has been injured by wearing flat shoes. First of all, flat shoes are closest to barefoot. The medical profession recognizes that barefoot is good for health. There is no disagreement, so flat shoes are not likely to have problems, and flat shoes are the most beneficial for sports. There is no scientific basis for shock absorbers. On the contrary, the vibration generated by human movement is not only harmless but beneficial to the human body. So far, there is no serious scientific research that flat shoes are unfavorable. Therefore, the flat shoes are not conducive to health. There is no scientific basis, mainly due to the subjective assumptions of Wang Wensheng’s meaning. Some science writers’ rumors have made people mistakenly believe that It is the conclusion of the scientific community. This is a serious misleading, a disrespect for scientific research, and a violation of the basic principles of science. "Popularization" is the popularization of the mainstream view of the scientific community. It must be based on the scientific literature. It must be based on scientific facts. It cannot be taken for granted by the natural world. Then it should be the name of the scientific community. This should be the basic ethics of the popular science writers. 

Look at the disadvantages of shock absorption. The findings of the authoritative organization have confirmed that the vibrations formed by the movement of the human body are not only harmless to health but beneficial. When we are engaged in strenuous exercise and heavy physical labor, the vibration must be much larger than everyday life, and aren't everyone wearing flat shoes?