Men's Safety Shoes Steel Toe

Product Details

Product features:

1. Men's Safety Shoes Steel Toe has a composite toe with anti-smashing steel toe. This toe is insulated, non-slip and can effectively protect your toes. It has a comfortable, breathable, deodorant insole. Men's Safety Shoes Steel Toe has a rubber outsole that is non-slip and abrasion resistant, cushioning, anti-folding and oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant. The shoes we produce are very fit and comfortable to wear.

2. Men's Safety Shoes Steel Toe has a good anti-slip design. It not only protects the human foot from injury, but also effectively avoids accidents caused by the operator being slipped. This shoe has good safety. It can ensure that your toes are not bruised, the soles of the feet are not stabbed, and the insulation is conductive.

Product specifications:

Brand Name


Upper Material


Shoes Cap

Steel Toe Cap



Place of origin

Fujian, China


Steel Plate


Mining camps, Construction


Fujian, China