All black sports shoes

Product Details

Product features:

1. Our All black sports shoes' sole is made of high quality polyurethane. This material is tough, wear-resistant, transparent and inexpensive, making it ideal for high-strength confrontation and pattern decoration of football shoes. In addition, this material also reduces the total weight of soccer shoes.

2. In addition, the All black sports shoes we produce also have a certain cushioning performance, and the friction can also meet the needs of grabbing. In addition, the studs of the sole can effectively increase the slip resistance and grip.

3. In addition, in the choice of upper, we chose waterproof material, so that you can enjoy the sport on cloudy or sunny days. This All black sports shoe is also very thin in shape, so it is very suitable. Therefore, it maintains the foot well during exercise and ensures stability during exercise.

Product advantages:

Anti-Skid design and nail like octopus enhance the grip of outsole. 

This football shoes can be used in different 

The Honeycomb Stereoscopic design on upper make the shoes can bring great friction with football. It will improve the ball control and enhance the accuracy of shoot or passing the ball.

Using the light materials to reduce the weight of shoes to make the speed more fast.

Product specifications:

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Fujian, China


Sports Shoes


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Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter