Lightweight Hiking Shoes

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Product features:

1.The Lightweight Hiking Shoes produced by our company have enough open space to be easy to put on and off even in wet or snowy areas. The tongue of the shoe must have a good waterproof effect, so it can effectively prevent water from entering the inside of the shoe.
2.The stitching of the shoe is narrower, which enhances its waterproofing effect. The toe and heel require several layers of material to provide adequate protection to the foot. The front end of the shoe is hard to prevent the toe from being injured by squeezing or kicking hard snow.
3.The heel of the shoe allows you to increase the stability of your foot during a relatively hard place. The Lightweight Hiking Shoes we produce can effectively balance and support the body. In addition, the cushions in the hiking shoes have a good cushioning capacity. The sole is hard, shock-resistant and of the right weight, so you don't feel the difficulty of walking when you wear it, and the ankles, heels and toes are well protected.

Product specifications:

Product nameLightweight Hiking Shoes

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Fujian, China


Running, Casual Shoes


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Spring, Summer, Autumn