Men's leather sneakers shoes

Product Details

Product features:

1.The Men's leather sneakers shoes produced by our company have a full rubber wrap at the front and a long extension on both sides. This design facilitates quick set-up and instant positioning. The forefoot of the shoe is thick and strong on both sides, which is good for stability and instant slippage when moving in the lateral direction. The rear half of the shoe is smaller, which helps to quickly retreat and improve footwork flexibility.
2.PU and mesh are used on the upper of Men's leather sneakers shoes to improve the strength and flexibility of the upper. The inside of the toe and the toes are reinforced with wear-resistant materials to prevent premature wear and enhance motion stability. The lining of Men's leather sneakers shoes is thick and soft to absorb sweat.
3.This shoe has a rich design and smooth lines, and the shape reflects the professional tennis color. The outsole of the shoe is made of wear-resistant rubber and therefore has good wear resistance. The midsole heel of the shoe has a thick shock absorber design, so the stability of the shoe can be greatly improved.

Product specifications:

Brand Name


Upper Material





Black, Multicolor, Red, White, Blue

Place of origin

Fujian, China


Tennis Shoes


Indoor, outdoor


Spring, Summer, Autumn